Brand Building

Brand Building

Brand nurturing and brand building are at the core of USV's marketing philosophy. Our efforts have yielded significant results. Our Key achievements:

  • We are ranked #1 in the Oral Anti-Diabetic market (OAD) by prescription (Rx) and by Value for the past two decades
  • We are ranked #1 in the Cardiovascular market by prescription (Rx) & #4 by value
  • 7 brands of USV have revenues of more than Rs. 100 crs each in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market.
    The brands are: Glycomet GP, Ecosprin AV, Jalra-M, Glycomet Trio, Ecosprin Gold, Glycomet & Roseday Plain (Data Period MAT March 2022)
  • 3 brands out of the top 5 brands prescribed in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market in the Oral Anti-Diabetic Market (OAD) & the Cardiac segment are of USV.
    The brands are: Ecosprin, Ecosprin AV, & Glycomet GP (Data period : Rx MAT March 2022)
Brand standing in the Oral Anti-Diabetic Market (OAD) market:
  • Glycomet GP ranks No. 2 in the IPM (Data Period MAT March 2022) by value in the Indian Pharmaceutical market
  • Glycomet-GP is the #1 prescribed brand in the OAD market
  • 11 of our brands rank No. 1 in their respective segments by value - Glycomet GP, Ecosprin AV, Glycomet Trio, Ecosprin Gold, Glycomet, Glynase-MF, Ecosprin, Pioz, Pioz MF, Glynase & Nimodip,
  • Glycomet GP & Glycomet are the top two prescribed brands in the Oral Anti-Diabetic market in India
  • Udapa & Udapa-M brands rank #3 & #6 respectively in their respective segments by value.
  • Jalra OD rank #1 in Vildagliptin OD market by value.
Brand standing in the Cardiovascular disease segment:
  • Our brand, Ecosprin is the most prescribed brand in the Cardiovascular segment and generates 10.4 Million prescriptions per annum
  • 4 of our brands rank # 1 in their respective segments by value. The brands are Ecosprin, Ecosprin Gold, Ecosprin AV and Nimodip
Brand standing in Acute segment:
  • Acute: 5 of our brands rank #1 in their respective segments by value - D-Rise 2000IU, Derobin, MVI, Anovate & Aquasol-A
  • Doxy-1LDR generates 10.7 Million prescription per annum

Each business unit has a focused marketing team responsible for development of innovative marketing strategies that help us establish leadership positions in the markets in which we operate.

Some initiatives adopted by USV include:
  • Disease detection programs
  • Patient awareness programs
  • Continuous medical education programs

These programs supplement the efforts of the all India sales team, and a good distribution practices compliant supply chain network that ensures continuous availability of all our brands at pharmacies across the country.

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